Tornet GameChanger TGC-1

Tornet GameChanger TGC-1
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Features & Advantages
- All in one: Tornet Game Changer TGC1 can be mounted directly to your gaming / office chair.
  Also delivers a comfortable solution for VR.
- Preassembled
- Highly compact construction
- Easy seat mount
- Fast application, quick fold-over
- When mounted, TGC1 saves space
- Compatible to most swivel office and gaming chairs on the market
- Most parts are made of aluminum to provide very light construction
- Highly sturdy, very robust structure, made of high quality materials
- Many adjustment possibilities to assure the optimal sitting position.
- Good surface finish, partly powder and partly chrome coating
- Easy fold/unfold by gas springs
Wheel, pedals and chair are not included.
Compact design
Patent pending. Design and technical features can be changed by Griffon Ltd.

Packing Details

Sizes (L x W x H)
1220mm x 490mm x 190mm 49.90” x 20.04“ x 7.77“
Net Weight 
11.80 Kg
Gross Weight
13.80 Kg



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